Local Shows & Hosts

KLOI is a volunteer run community radio station. The following is a list of our local programing & DJs. This list does not include our syndicated programming.

The Velvet Fog Hour w/Lou Pray
Get your fill of music from the early part of the century with Art Tatum, Django Reinhardt, and more.  Push through the purple mists of memory for those forgotten melodies.

Classical Hour w/Gary Alexander
Classical Music tied to the great composers’ birthdays.

My 2 cents w/John Waugh
3:45pm (Saturday 10:01pm, Wednesday 9:30am)
10 Minutes of anything and everything. Send topic suggestions, questions you’d like answered, and comments to: kloijohn@gmail.com


Joy Spring w/Gary Alexander
Classic Jazz and the Great American Songbook.

Brittany to the Balkans and Beyond w/Stanley Greenthal
8:00 - 9:30pm
Compelling Celtic and Balkan music from diverse regions of the world, mixed with occasional spoken word pieces to illuminate the traditions from which the music originates.


Backyard Conservation - Living on Lopez w/ Madrona Murphy, Russel Barsh, and Brian Rader
Local researchers Russel Barsh and Madrona Murphy talk about the things that each of us can do in our own lives and around our own homes to take better care of the plants and animals that make our island special.

Living Life — Music with John Garcia
DJ John plays heartfelt global music, with an emphasis on Spanish and Latino songs.

The Grand Southern Vocal & Plectrophonic Review w/Lance Brittain
5:00am (repeat from last Wednesday)

Lopez Gardener’s Spot w/Jeanie Flynn and Anne Whirledge Karp
A monthly organic gardening show focused on sharing ideas for nurturing and enhancing your gardening practices.  Call in comments and questions are welcome during the live broadcast.

Lou’s News and Reviews w/Lou Pray
1:00pm (repeat Thursday at 3:00pm)
Lou Pray will keep us up to date on what’s new and what’s happening at the Library. Lou plays the latest audio books and music CDs now available for check out. She also reviews selected books and movies available at the library and discusses upcoming speakers, training, and late-breaking library news! The library has also become a prime venue for local artists and Lou will share info on current and upcoming shows.  Lou occasionally encourages fellow Lopezians to share their own book, music, and film reviews on the show.

The Grand Southern Vocal & Plectrophonic Review w/Lance Brittain
7:00pm  (repeats next Wednesday at 5:00am)
Lance presents a show covering early to contemporary folk, country, and bluegrass, plus some discussion of historical context, including news of current events in the bluegrass and folk community. From an acoustic perspective, Lance explores other early influences, including classic early jazz, blues, and ragtime, border music, etc.

Community Bulletin Board w/Carol Steckler

Kitchen Table Politics w/ Carol Steckler
Music, Poetry, dialogue and interviews from conversations around our kitchen table and yours that transform local and global issues and events that confuse and concern us into possibilities and visions which sustain and nurture us.

Somewhere on Lopez

Lou’s News and Reviews w/Lou Pray
3:00pm (repeat from Wednesday 3:00pm)

Transitions with Josh Ratza
8:00am (from last Saturday

Classical Hour w/Gary Alexander
Classical Music tied to the great composers’ birthdays.

Joy Spring w/Gary Alexander
Classic Jazz and the Great American Songbook.

LOBO Playlist
On Summer Vacation

Open Mic at KLOI
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be on the air?  Do you want to share the music from your travels and tell us some stories? Do you want to do something special for someone’s birthday or anniversary? Call one of us to arrange a time and we will be there with you to make it happen. Give it a try; it’s fun.

Transitions with Josh Ratza
8:00pm (repeats next Friday 8:00am)
Alternative indie music with bits of mellow electronic and dusty classics.

TUNE INTO THE STREAM http://www.kloi.org/kloi.m3u