How to Listen

How to listen & use the KLOI Audio Archive

Thanks for visiting the KLOI Audio Archive. There are several different ways you can listen to the programs archived here: You can play programs in your browser window, in a pop-up window, download to your computer or subscribe to the “podcast.”
Our current archived programs are available here: Archived Programs

How to Play

Click on the “Play” icon beneath the audio episode description to listen to the program right in your browser window. You can also click the link that says: Play in Pop Up to play in a small player on your computer. The audio will stream and cannot be fast forwarded.

How to Download
You can save a copy of the audio episode to your computer hard drive. Click on the “Download” link beneath the audio episode and the audio file will start downloading to your computer.

How to Subscribe to the Podcast
Podcasting lets you automatically receive the latest episode of  KLOI’s archived audio programs as soon as they are available. You need to “subscribe” to receive a podcast with a program like iTunes. Click one of the icons on the right sidebar of the KLOI website to subscribe.

To manually subscribe in iTunes go to the Advanced tab, click subscribe to podcast and enter this URL: