Board Members



Carol Steckler

I have been an avid radio listener for well over half a century, beginning as a four year old at my grandmother’s table on Saturday mornings listening intently to WCCO’s “Buster Brown Show”. When my family lived in a large army tent without electricity or running water (when we first moved to Lopez) a battery powered radio connected me to the larger world, Garrison Keeler, Noel Adams were familiar voices. Currently I listen to 1090 A.M.and the voice of Al Franken in the morning, KUOW early morning news as I drive to work and all day Saturday. This American Life and Alternative Radio have provided an often poignant, thoughtful informative window into other peoples perspectives and experiences. I have supported this radio habit for the last twenty years as a social worker at Catholic Community Services. I have been an active community builder on Lopez for almost thirty years. I have worked with the Lopez Community Land Trust from its beginning, serving as chair of the board for six years. I have founded two elementary alternative schools; ARC in the Lopez School District and Room Nine in the Shoreline School District. I have produced and directed six community theater productions on Lopez and plan to do more. I have been privileged to work and live in communities where social justice has been a core value for many, I believe KLOI will deepen and widen that commitment.

Chris Arnold

Was born in Anacortes, Wa. in the winter of ‘84. He has lived on Lopez all of his life and attended Lopez schools where he studied and developed an enthusiasm for mechanical sciences, engineering and drafting. He graduated in ‘02 and enrolled in the Electronics and Computer Technology programs at the DeVry Institute of Technology. He also studied Computer, Electrical Engineering and Robotics at DeVry and holds a Broadcast and Technician license granted by the FCC. The Arnold family has signed a letter of agreement allowing KLOI to use the front 45 feet of their property for the antenna and studio of KLOI allowing Chris to be an onsite technician when he is not working at his day job.

Kathy Booth

Kathy was born in Philadelphia, PA and is the oldest of a family of nine children. Her mother was and still is an avid radio fan; the radio was always on 24/7 in her home. Growing up, she remembers her mother repeating dialog from the (now) old-time radio shows, such as The Shadow—“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” (followed by a sinister laugh…)

In her professional life, Kathy taught school for over 30 years in Pennsylvania and Texas and retired from public education in 2004, the same year that she and her husband Ken purchased property on Lopez. She spent several years working for an educational technology company, developing training materials for teachers. She shares these technology skills with KLOI as she helps with the “invisible” technical workings of the radio station. Kathy is now employed as a teacher at Lopez Island School.

Kathy is committed to the concept of community radio and the opportunity to give Lopezians a venue for their voices to be heard as a Gathering of Island Voices and Expressions (GIVE) otherwise know as KLOI.

Matthew Rabel

I have been a Lopez resident since 2008 and a visitor since birth. This has always been a special place for me (and two generations before me), and I’m incredibly happy to share it with my wife and son. I am an editor and a graphic designer, have an undying love of music, and look forward to contributing these skills and passions to KLOI’s mission.

Jacques Tate

Dixie Budke

Beth Geever


Ken Booth

Robyn Minkler

Lorna Reese

After spending most of her professional communications, Lorna Reese is working with non-profit organizations on Lopez Island. She has produced marketing newsletters for two 501 (c) 3s; served on the board of the Lopez Community Center Association when that group was raising $1.5 million and designing what is now Lopez Center for Community and the Arts; and, with a friend, founded and nurtured the now-flourishing Lopez Writers Guild. She has also worked with numerous other organizations, including the Friends of the Library and the Lopez Community Land Trust.

Through it all, radio has been a constant in her life. As a child sick at home, she listened to The Lone Ranger on KWLM Radio in Willmar, Minnesota. As a teen,she had a small transistor radio (tuned to “KDWB! Channel 63!”) glued to her ear. As a young adult in the Twin Cities, the first thing she did after arriving home from work was to turn on KQRS, alternative rock. In Boston, the station of choice was WBUR; now from Lopez Island, she stays connected with the wider world via KPLU.

Brian Allen

Is a Radio Engineer in Seattle and is a consultant to KLOI.

Brian Treece

Brian Treece is a graduate of Reed College and spent nearly 20 years as a professional stage manager, venue operator, concert promoter and large event production manager. Beyond writing, producing and voicing over his own radio spots and concert promotions, Brian spent two years behind the mike as a DJ on KRCC 89.3FM Radio Reed College and two years on air as host and DJ of Filmore Northwest on KBOO 90.7FM Community Radio in Portland Oregon. During his time at KBOO Brian produced several fundraising concerts featuring national talent for benefit of the station. Brian is an alumnus of Camp Nor’wester and has summered on Lopez most of the last four decades. Brian serves on the LCCA, Children’s Center and Lopez Community Preschool boards in addition to his service to KLOI. Brian’s family is currently residing in Portland but lives on the Island during the Summer and is the on-call technician for the Lopez Community Theater.