About Us

The following is a general overview of KLOI, Lopez Island’s Low Power FM radio station.

About KLOI
Our Low Power FM station serves Lopez Island, Washington. We operate on 18 watts at 102.9 broadcasting and webcasting from Center Road in the middle of the island. KLOI is owned and operated by GIVE (Gathering Island Voices and Expressions) the sponsoring non profit organization, a Board of Directors and countless volunteers. We began  broadcasting live in April 2008.

Our Mission Statement
KLOI, produced by GIVE, will enhance the sense of identity and community on Lopez Island by encouraging compassionate discourse on community issues. Provide access to local and global music, progressive, alternative news, and public affairs. Provide a venue for education, creative expression and exploration of ideas. Provide a communication clearing house and rally point keeping our community safe and connected to one another in the event of a national, regional, economic, or natural emergency.

Our Goals and Objectives
Create community venues including stage plays, reader’s theater, storytelling, and music to provide historical and current perspectives through personal stories of people living in small rural communities particularly the stories of Lopez Island.

Educate the Lopez community as to how various media can both reflect and influence their lives by providing opportunities to become active participants.

Inform Lopez residents about current local events, activities, and political issues.

Create dialogues among local residents and regional leaders concerning issues related to livelihood, sustainable lifestyles, food security, education, families, and the future of Lopez Island.

Provide local musicians, poets, writers, storytellers, historians, humorists and philosophers, including the voices of youth, with access to an audience for personal expression and service.

Create a climate of curiosity and exploration that reflects the lives and interests of the people who live on Lopez Island.

Become a community sponsored radio station with underwriting from local and global enterprises whose business values reflect that of our own.

• Develop a program schedule which allows flexibility to meet the living demands and the interests of Lopez residents.
• Incorporate progressive, alternative media into the program schedule.
• Create program training to allow for local, committed citizens to develop their own shows of interest.
• Empower volunteer programming hosts who will take lead on the outreaching the community and facilitating dialogue.
• Develop a local community calendar, and bulletin board.
• Develop opportunities for membership, underwriting and contributions which can meet a variety of economic and passion levels.